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Church Presentation Software

Designed for The Church

Easy to use

Separate administration and user controls. Keep the complicated options away from your service user.

Location Focused

Designed to grow as you grow

Administer your organisation separately to your locations.

Create songs & upload videos and images to share between all of your locations.


Create custom themes so services have a consistent look and feel, even across locations

Set backgrounds, text font, text colour, and more. Includes crisp text outlining.

Integrated Bibles

Show the congregation scripture form any of the following translations:

* Requires Payment

Screenshot of Amazing grace on the monitor display of Big Screen

Monitor Display

See everything that is happening on the frontend, in an easy to read format. Includes additional information such as the next line in a song and how much time is left in the current video.


Unlimited Outputs

Create as many Frontend and Monitor outputs that you require.


Organise and group your videos, images and scriptures.

Screenshot of Amazing grace on the frontend display of Big Screen

Frontend Display

This is the primary output that your congregation will see. Lyrics, Videos, Images, Scriptures all display seamlessly.


Web Based

Accessible whenever you have an internet connection.

Improving all the time.

Also works offline.

Cross Platform

Works in all major browsers on Windows, macOS & Linux.

Transparent Videos1

Overlay a transparent video on top of looping background video.

Loads of File Formats Supported

Big Screen converts certain media files into recommended formats when required.

Auto Expiring Media

Keep only what you need, automatically.

Low Resources Required

Low cost outlay.

Web Extensions

An extension for Chrome and Firefox is available to remember your setup.

Screenshot of Amazing grace on the frontend display of Big Screen

Control Surface

The control surface is designed with the operator in mind. It is simple to use and easy to pick up. Control Lyrics, Songs, Bible Scriptures, Images, Videos  all in the one place.


Per MonthPer Year
Basic Licence
Includes 1 location and 5GB of storage
Additional Location
Includes 2GB of additional storage
Additional 1GB of Storage$1.00AUD$10.80AUD
Paid Bible TranslationsOne time payment of $10.00AUD per translation