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Dom from Camperdown, Victoria, Australia

Big Screen has transformed our worship experience and has empowered our media team to succeed.

Dom from Camperdown, Victoria, Australia
Christina from Grand Junction, Colorado, USA

A huge perk to switching to Big Screen as a church has been that it’s an internet based program! We love that we can prepare for our various services from any computer anywhere! It’s extremely user friendly and I can train our volunteers to operate it very quickly.

Christina from Grand Junction, Colorado, USA
Cristian from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Revolutionising the way we do church media at Enjoy Church, the best thing about Big Screen is it's flexibility. You can use it anywhere.

Cristian from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Designed for The Church

Easy to use

Designed from the ground up with the end user in mind. The advanced administration settings are tucked away in the admin section so the control users only see what they need to.

Location Focused

Designed to grow as you grow

Administer your organisation separately to your locations.

Share lyrics, videos & images between locations.


Create custom themes so services have a consistent look and feel, even across multiple locations.

Set logo, backgrounds, fonts, colours, shadows, text outlines & more.


Create count down timers to display on the Monitor display and ensure your services don't blow out.

Integrated Bibles

Show the congregation scripture from any of the following translations:

* Requires purchase

Looping Background Videos

Easily apply looping background videos to lyrics and slides.

Here is some great resources for free backgrounds:

Screenshot of the control surface of Big Screen

Control Surface

The control surface is designed with the operator in mind. It is simple to use and easy to pick up. Control Lyrics, Songs, Bible Scriptures, Images, Videos all in the one place.

Each slide preview is an actual representation of how it will look on the Frontend display. Simply click on the slide you want to display or use the intuitive keyboard shortcuts.


Unlimited Outputs

Create as many Frontend and Monitor outputs that you require. If you have the hardware for lots of displays then Big Screen has you covered.


Organise and group your videos, images and scriptures. Perfect for a service pre-roll or grouping the slides for a message.


Cross fade between Lyrics, Videos, Images, Cameras & Scriptures using the GPU.

Control Surface Themes

Various interface themes are available to suit your environment.

Screenshot of Amazing grace on the frontend display of Big Screen

Frontend Display

This is the primary output that your congregation will see. Lyrics, Videos, Images, Scriptures all display seamlessly.

Complies with CCLI copyright display requirements.


Web Based

Accessible whenever you have an internet connection which is great when you want to prepare for a service off site.

Improving all the time.

Continues working with no internet.

Cross Platform

Works in all major browsers on Windows, macOS & Linux.


Transparent Videos1

Overlay a transparent video on top of looping background video.

1. Not currently available when using Safari.

Loads of File Formats Supported

Big Screen converts certain media files into recommended formats when required so that it will work on all platforms & browsers.

Auto Expiring Media

Keep only what you need, automatically.

Low Resources Required

Big Screen works on older hardware so the outlay costs are minimal.

Web Extensions

Extensions are available for Chrome and Firefox to remember your setup. This makes it easier for your control users.

Live Video

Use a webcam, phone, tablet or any network connected device as a roaming camera. The operator can choose which video feed to use and overlay lyrics and images in real time.

Screenshot of Amazing grace on the monitor display of Big Screen

Monitor Display

See everything that is happening on the frontend and more, in an easy to read format.

Includes current Time, Lyrics, Scriptures, Video & Image preview plus additional information such as the next line in a song and how much time is left in the current video.


Per MonthPer Year (10% Discount)
Basic Licence
Includes 1 location and 5GB of storage
Additional Location
Includes 2GB of additional storage
Additional 1GB of Storage$1.00AUD$10.80AUD
Paid Bible TranslationsOne time payment of $10.00AUD per translation.
All prices include GST
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