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How to use a phone, tablet or another computer as a camera in Big Screen

Big Screen allows you to connect a phone, tablet or computer for use as a mobile camera. There is no limit to how many devices you can connect at once but your picture quality and latency may vary based on your network speed. Please test your setup to see what works for you.

This tutorial will explain how to connect a device. Once connected it is up to the Big Screen operator to choose which camera to display.

  1. Open up the Control Surface and make sure you are LIVE.

  2. Click on the Camera button in the top toolbar. This will show the camera drawer.

    Camera Drawer
    If your computer has a webcam your browser may request permission to access it and show your webcam in the drawer.
  3. On your mobile device scan the QR code and tap on the link that will show up.

    This link is simply a link to the camera URL for your organisation. You can manually type in the URL if you wish eg. https://CNAME.bigscreen.show/camera
  4. You will be asked permission to use the camera and microphone. Accept both of these.

    Some browsers allow you to remember your decision which you may want to do to avoid being asked every time. To hide the address bar on iOS swipe down and then up.
  5. Once the device has connected a number will be assigned to the device. It will show up in the top right hand corner.

    Camera Preview
  6. A preview will show up in the camera drawer of the control surface. Click on that feed to make it live.

    Camera Drawer
    You may want to click the Background button if you currently have an image, video or logo active as the camera feed will load behind these items. You can also press any number from 1-9 to toggle cameras on and off.
  7. When a camera is live an indicator will show up on the device.

    Camera Preview
    This helps communicate to the camera operator that their device is currently live.
  8. You can repeat this connection process for additional devices that you want to connect.

  9. When you are finished with a camera you can click it again to turn it off or simply close the camera drawer.


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